18 April 2023

ZADIG&VOLTAIRE This is Her! Undressed This is Him! Undressed








Pure elixir. Bare skin. A whirlwind romance stripped right down to the bare minimum. Undressed, the latest edition of This is Her! and This is Him!, is olfactory thrill at its purest.

Two companion fragrances that complement and respond to each other. Two timeless perfumes featuring exceptional notes directly inspired by the electric pleasures of the flesh.

Brimming with a fresh candor, this sensual adventure unfolds its story through a campaign that captures the essence of a couple with the perfect chemistry. The first flush of passion. The growing intensity of their desire. A skin-deep declaration.

Spontaneous and extraordinarily sensual, This is Her! Undressed

Confident and fiercely bold, This is Him! Undressed

THE DESIGN! Inspired by fashion 

The fashion references are unmistakable even at first glance. After all, This is! Undressed directly takes its inspiration from artistic director Cecilia Bönström’s designs. The large white label on the bottles and packaging is the same as the labels on iconic pieces from the Zadig&Voltaire fashion line. The signature wings of the brand are etched into the glass. Last but not least: the campaign manifesto. Embossed onto the packaging, it echoes the slogans emblazoned across the Tunisian collar t-shirts of Zadig&Voltaire.  

“I wanted to keep the bottle as pure as possible, while still honoring the identity of my men's and women's collections. The label on the bottle is inspired by the one on men's blazers. The wings are now on every garment, not just on our accessories. Holding this bottle transports us into the Zadig&Voltaire universe. There is no need for more.” – Cecilia Bönström, artistic director

Until the last breath: Art is Truth. The minimalist and graphical design of the bottles takes its inspiration from contemporary art. Here, the trademark cracked edges of the This is! range takes on a new form to mimic two lips searching for each other, lightly brushing each other, yearning for skin-to-skin contact. The sensual, translucent fragrance contained within instantly recalls the sensation of naked skin, right down to the colors: pastel rose for her and light brown for him. An irresistible fashion statement.


A skin-deep declaration

The exhilaratingly addictive, sensual scent of salty skin makes for a heady trail. Here, perfume is to the skin what clothes are to the body – a sensory exchange between the self and the other. The surprising calm after the fiery storm of an unpredictable encounter.  

This is Her! Undressed

A spicy, woody floral, created by Sidonie Lancesseur

This comforting fragrance captures the scent of salty skin warmed up by the sun. A moment outside time. Perfectly measured. Like a shot of sunshine. Top notes of orange blossom and ginger combine to radiate a blazing white light. From this highpoint, the enveloping notes of ylang-ylang take over and infuse warmth. Finally, sensual musk and intense sandalwood settle in to round off this bare skin fragrance, capturing two bodies drawn to each other like magnets, unable to get their hands off each other all night long.

“This is Her! Undressed is an intimate, sensual, bare skin fragrance. An enveloping personal perfume for a real boost to the self-esteem. Permeating into the skin, its base notes lay bare the woman underneath: liberated, strong and willing to break the rules.” Sidonie Lancesseur, creator of This is Her! Undressed.

This is Him! Undressed

A spicy woody fragrance, created by Nathalie Lorson

This invigorating, electrifying fragrance mimics the sensation of salty skin coming out of the sea. Grapefruit extract opens the blend with an instant burst of sparkling freshness, heightened only by the spicy, pink pepper note that follows. Effervescent orange blossom then comes to the fore, its pure, natural echo revealing the sensuality of amber, smoldering at the heart of this heady, salty blend. Carnal musk notes and intense sandalwood combine for a smooth, rounded-off finish.

“This is Him! Undressed is a hedonistic fragrance for those who love the scent of bare skin, for those willing to assert their presence with its woody, amber trail. But it is also a fragrance for those looking for new sensations, who will particularly enjoy its take on salty skin. The mineral notes are accentuated by the addition of oakmoss, an ingredient for discerning perfume aficionados.” Nathalie Lorson, creator of This is Him! Undressed  


Keeping sustainability in sight

Created to be timeless, This is Her! Undressed and This is Him! Undressed have been developed with care in a sustainable, mindful manner. They have been designed to align with the fashion line and in keeping with VoltAIRe, the ambitious CSR program of the brand. The compositions are vegan, celebrating natural and organic ingredients like ginger, while the orange blossom, ylang-ylang and sandalwood are ethically harvested. Innovative extraction techniques have been used to be more respectful of the environment. The pink pepper that features in This is Him! Undressed is derived using CO2-extraction, one of the most advanced, safe, and eco-friendly techniques, to reveal the purest olfactory form of the spice. No stone has been left unturned when it comes to the packaging, either. The unique bottle is now made from lighter recycled glass and the foil stamping uses metallic ink. The packaging is made from cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests. This spearheading Zadig&Voltaire initiative is just the beginning of an eco-responsible commitment that is only going to gather steam over the coming months. Not an evolution - a revolution!

THE CAMPAIGN! A story entwined with skin

For the This is! Undressed campaign, Maya Stepper and Mikkel Jensen come together to play a true-blue couple with the perfect chemistry. It’s no accident that these two models are also lovers in real life. Their encounter at an organized dinner in New York set the ball rolling, revealing a natural connection that revolved around a shared love of art, photography, design, and fashion. They have been together ever since.  

We follow their story, set to the beats of Unearth Me by Oklou in four stages. Each episode of their romantic journey is encapsulated by one of the signature fragrances of the olfactory range This is!

They have their first romantic dinner in the Latin quarter of Paris. All it takes is one glance and a smile for all their doubts to fade away. This is Her! This is Him!

Soon, their relationship grows over time through everyday gestures and displays of affection. Like a birthday celebration over a surprise weekend getaway, where being with the other becomes essential to one’s own happiness. This is Us!

Brighter than ever, a heady passion sets in. A surging desire to travel the world together. Their adventure begins from the rooftops of Paris. This is! Vibes of Freedom

In the backdrop: the historic Parisian apartment into which they’ve just moved in together. Intertwined, so their bodies need never be apart. This is! Undressed


This is! Her&Him

The quintessential rebellious essence of Zadig&Voltaire. An iconic duo of perfumes that celebrates art and rock like the perfect leather jacket. Feminine white. Masculine black. And that woody, lush and addictive sandalwood signature scent: oh-so-Parisian!

This is Us!

A perfume for him, for her and for us all. This is Us! is the embodiment of the Zadig tribe. A comforting fragrance that combines sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla: as soft as the iconic Zadig&Voltaire cashmere sweater.

This is! Vibes of Freedom

A moment of freedom. A wild interlude. This is! Vibes of Freedom is a call to take a break from everything in a playful silk lace camisole. For her, a floral shot of positivity combining peony and jasmine notes with the warmth of chestnut and cream. For him, the freshness of cedar blended with the warm energy of incense.

This is! Undressed

This is! Undressed is the authentic story of two addictive and sensual fragrances that emanate the sensation of bare skin. Built around a common salty accord, enhanced by radiant orange blossom for her and deepened by intense sandalwood for him.

 A new olfactory story. A new signature perfume duo. A dynamic new campaign. This is! Undressed is THE naked truth. The secret? An exceptional new accord which also encapsulates the lifestyle aesthetic and unique silhouette of Zadig&Voltaire’s designs, in its purest, most sensual form. A connection to what really matters. Stripped right down to the bare minimum. A return to the basics.